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News Posting 29: Feb. 18, 2009

With the many satisfied Finnish people now using the Sauna. It has been suggested by homeowners that daily cleaning should be undertaken to keep the Sauna more hygienic for those using it. To facilitate this service however, we have decided to charge a small cleaning fee for usage to cover the cost of cleaning detergents, and our staff's time to do this.

The rates will be announced at a later date, but are expected to take effect when the Fitness Center is operational. For hygiene concerns we will likewise charge a small cleaning fee for it's usage as well.   

News Posting 28: Feb. 18, 2009

This week CTG is installing some security wire along the back and side fence where we have been having most of the problems with break ins. It has been suggested by homeowners that additional lights would also add value so we are taking this under consideration.

Work also has begun to landscape in front of the hedges by the street. We have added some soil and are also building up the area around the sewers and grates. When finished with this we will be adding grass over top. 

News Posting 27: Feb. 12, 2009

In the last few weeks the new Sauna has become increasingly popular and we are pleased about this. However, due to the sauna being left running when not in use and some minor damage that was done, we have decided that it would be better if homeowners and guests sign for the key to promote responsible use.

A sign up sheet is available from the front entrance guard. Much like with the tennis court. We will schedule time slots of 30 - 45 minutes to begin with and may adjust later if required to better suit needs of the homeowners.

News Posting 26: Jan. 17, 2009

We have received emails from excited CTG Homeowners in Finland, saying that the long awaited program of CTG has now appeared on Finnish T.V. Reports are that CTG had a very nice presentation, and we would like to thank the Film Crew for their interest in CTG and good information on purchasing homes in Thailand.

News Posting 25: Jan. 17, 2009

The CTG Homeowners have been working very hard the last few days, to make CTG an even more beautiful place to live. In cooperation with CTG and RIP management/owner they have placed 10 new coconut palms, started on decorating some pathway entrances, rearranged some banana trees and replaced the flowers at the Clubhouse with plants more in line with Finnish tastes. We would like to extend our thanks for their efforts and a good progress noticed so far. 

News Posing: 24: Jan. 17, 2009

In our efforts to increase security in CTG we have installed a few security cameras at the Clubhouse. To protect Finnish privacy we will only view this if we find there has been a problem. It records only and to view CD's must be taken to a t.v. and player. There are no cameras directed towards the swimming area. They are positioned to view the office doors and inside the Mini Mart.   

News Posting: 23: Jan 07, 2009

Some homeowners have been concerned that our orphan kittens seem to have disappeared. Please do not worry about this, they are safe and sound at the Temple around the corner from CTG. We have heard that some homeowners and their children have already made visits to see them. We wish our orphan kittens well, and are sure that the Monks will take very good care of them.

News Posting: 22: Jan 07, 2009

We have recently installed a wireless antennae at CTG. We are hoping that homeowners will now receive a stronger signal in their houses when they connect to the internet. We have had comments that reception is quite good with the new antennae. Thank you to Janne (H34) and his friend Juha for this.

Right now the wireless system is unsecured. At a later date however, we may decide to secure the system. This would prevent other internet users outside of CTG from slowing down our internet speed. If we later do this, all users would need to enter in a password. In this case, we would post the passwords in the Mini Mart or homeowners would be able to contact us and receive the password. We will advise on the website, if we decide to do this.

News Posting: 21: Jan 05, 2009

After concerns over some items being taken from homes at CTG we have decided to increase our security. We will be looking at some more secure door knobs that will be more difficult for potential thieves. Unfortunately it looks like this will require a trip into Bangkok as Home Pro in Hua Hin, doesn't seem to stock the secure door knobs only dead bolt systems. We will be installing these new door knobs, when we locate them, and as customers are visiting CTG. This way they will have a current key to their house. We expect to begin installation within the next couple of months.

For further security, we would ask that you purchase a small safe, available at Home Pro to store valuables in. Also please lock your back door using the latch system we have installed on most houses. Lock your front door, as well if you leave your house.  

News Posting:20: Jan. 05, 2009

Just after Christmas, homeowners who were on vacation in CTG organized their first meeting. Minutes were taken of this meeting and were to be sent to all homeowners. If you have not received a copy of these minutes, please contact us and we will pass along your email address so you may be included on the email list. It is very important that all homeowners are aware of decisions being discussed and we hope that all homeowners will participate.

Although the management/owners of CTG and Retire in Paradise, welcome comments and input from homeowners, they would like to clarify that the decisions/or rules made are those of the homeowner's group and not necessarily those of CTG or Retire in Paradise.

Also arising out of the meeting, a small women's group has been formed. Paivi from P08 has volunteered to be the spokeswoman of this group. They have already had their first meeting and would welcome any emails from homeowners as to what they are planning. Please contact Anita or Too on the contact us page and we will forward your emails to Paivi.

News Posting 19: Jan.05, 2009

To lengthen the playing hour of our tennis court. CTG has installed some lighting allowing night time playing. To allow homeowners to reserve the tennis court and also to ensure that lights are turn off, we have locked the tennis court.

During staff working hours, you can pick up a key for the tennis court at Too's office. This way we can check that no one else has reserved the court. In the evening or on staff's off days, you can pick up the key from the front gate security guard.

We ask to you return the key when finished to either the office or guard house, so other homeowners can also play. We would also ask that you turn off the light and lock the tennis court after you play at night, so the guard does not have to do this. 

News Posting:18: Jan. 05,2009

Unfortunately there has been some controversary over the new slide that was installed in the swimming pool at CTG. To remedy this is and offer a compromise between homeowners who have children and those who do not, the management of CTG will make rules concerning the hours of usage of the slide and also times in which balls and sports equipment will be allowed in the swimming pool area. This will allow unhindered periods of swimming only for homeowners.

In future, the management/owners of CTG and Retire in Paradise will continue to make the best decisions it can based on it's diverse population of homeowners, and do what it feels is best for the overall development of CTG. The management/owners financial limitations for this project will also be taken into consideration. To date the management/owners of CTG and Retire in Paradise have met all of their legally required obligations to the home owners of CTG.

News Posting: 17: Dec. 20, 2008

Since the opening of the Thai Restaurant and Mini Mart, we have decided to drastically reduce the inventory in our Mini Mart. Many of the items were either not being sold and expiring or were being taken without any payment received for them. We will continue to sell drinks and water and may consider again stocking more in the Mini Mart if it become necessary again in the future.

News Posting 16: Dec. 20, 2008

The CTG rules have now been translated to Finnish. The Finnish translation will soon be posted on the Mini Mart door to replace the English version. Anyone who has renters or guests can ask for a copy from the office, to be placed in their house at CTG.

News Posting 15: Dec. 20, 2008

We are still sorting out the billing for CTG homeowners. But invoices should be emailed out by the end of the December. Those visiting CTG during the holiday season, will be given their invoice directly.

News Posting 14: Dec. 14, 2008

During the Christmas Holidays, CTG will be organizing some tournaments between our Home owners. These may include pool, tennis, badminton, ping pong etc depending upon demand. If you would like to participate, please add your name to the sign up sheet which will be posted shortly in the Mini Mart.

News Posting 13: Dec. 14, 2008

CTG has drawn up some basic Club House rules for comments and suggestions. They are below in the forum at the bottom of this page. Since now we are at a busy time with many homeowners and guests here, we will use these rules until we have gotten sufficient feedback to make changes. We would appreciate if homeowners could review these rules with their guests and renters.   

News Posting 12: Dec 03, 2008

On Friday Dec 05, all CTG staff will take the day off to take part in a Birthday Celebration for the King. CTG would like to extend to his Majesty a very Happy Birthday! Just a reminder that yellow is the King's color, so if you would like to honour him further, we would encourage everyone to wear yellow on this day. 

News Posting 11: Dec. 03, 2008

CTG would like to extend a word of caution to all of our homeowners and guests. We had a visit from Thai Immigration this morning and they have been checking that everyone's work permits are in order. They have advised us that all foreigners working in Thailand must have the proper work permit. This includes both full time and part time work, big or small jobs. If they found any of our residents working without the proper work permit, they stated the fee imposed if reported can be upwards of 80,000 baht per incident.

News Posting 10: Dec. 01, 2008

To increase security at CTG, we are in the process of implementing a few security measures. We have installed a self closing door and automatic locking system on the Mini Mart door. We have decided to do this after a few incidents of the Mini Mart door being left unlocked throughout the night.

We will give out keys to current homeowners and guests who are here. We have asked guests to place the new Mini Mart key on the table when they leave. For other homeowners our staff will put a new key in all other houses. If however, a house is missed please contact Too for a key upon your arrival. We will keep everyone updated of future changes.

News Posting 09: Nov. 27, 2008

In preparing invoices to send email to the homeowners we have come across an area that could cause some confusion. The Thai Government has been giving out a credit on utilities. This credit however, only applies below a certain consumption usage. Therefore, some homeowners will receive credits but not others depending on the utility consumption. Because this credit comes from the Thai government we can not say how long it will remain in effect.

News Posting 08: Nov. 26, 2008

Despite the political problems in Bangkok, everything in the Hua Hin and Cha Am area is as peaceful as ever. Only sunny days for all our homeowners and their guests as they suntan around the pool at Chan Tha Gardens. Sorry... but must say no snow to be seen anywhere in sight.

For updated information on flights there is some information here, but can not guarantee accuracy. Boarding No. Finnair

News Posting 07: Nov. 24, 2008

Now with the cooler weather upon us, although for farangs very pleasant, some residents have been concerned over certain types of trees which are losing leaves. This is very normal for this time of year, and is similar to autumn in Finland and Canada. The weather will affect some trees which are more exposed first. Our gardeners may be spraying the trees during this time if warranted as they will be vulnerable to insects. 

News Posting 06: Nov. 24, 2008

Chan Tha Gardens is planning a Christmas Dinner for residents and their household guests. This will be held on Dec. 25th to allow family time on the traditional Finnish Christmas celebrations the day before. Dinner will be held 6:00 December 25 at the Clubhouse. Please note we have made a time change to a more convenient time for homeowners.

Please contact Too at About us/Contract with the number of adults and children who will be attending from your household. Please specify the number of adults and children and your house number. Children are considered anyone below 12 years of age.  In order to give the meal providers sufficient time, we ask that we be notified no later than Dec. 10th if you would like to attend. 

News Posting 05: Nov. 19, 2008:

For anyone who would like to make inexpensive telephone calls to Finland while they are visiting CTG, we would like to inform the homeowners that we are planning to install Skype system on the lap top in the mini mart. If you would like to use this service during your visit, please update receiving computers in Finland accordingly. 

News Posting 04: Nov. 19, 2008:

Chan Tha Gardens has purchased a few items for customers who have small children. These include a stroller, highchair, a playpen with mosquito netting and also a fold out camping style mattress for younger children too large for the playpen. We also have baby blankets available. If you would like to use these, please contact Too for rental fees.

News Posting 03: Nov. 14, 2008:

Chan Tha Gardens is currently updating all customers accounts. To this affect we are preparing invoices to include the Common area fees for 2009, balance sheet for 2008 and utility bills. These invoices will be sent to your email address during the 1st and 2nd week of December.

If you have not received an invoice before Dec. 15, please contact Too. This would mean we do not have your current email address.

News Posting 02: Nov. 14, 2008

Early in the New Year, CTG will be partnering with a new project to bring better service to the homeowners of Chan Tha Gardens. Janne from H34 is currently building a website to network together CTG, Dragon Dream I and II homeowners and other home owners from various location throughout Thailand. On this website, homeowners can share questions and information to increase their enjoyment of living in exotic Thailand.

This website is still in the early development stages, but is expected to include a lot of interesting and useful features and services for everyone.

If you would like more information on this project, CTG would encourage you to contact Janne (at Thailand House) with your email address, so you may be posted of the latest updates in this project.

News Posting 01: Nov. 14, 20008

CTG would like to create some common rules for all Homeowners and their guests. We would appreciate the input of as many resident of CTG as possible to make this the best situation for all residents and their guests. We would therefore appreciate everyone's suggestions and comments on this.

It is important that we create common rules that the majority of homeowners can agree to and so create a pleasant and trouble free experience during your vacation to Chan Tha Gardens. We expect to circulate the first draft of rules by December 15, for your comments.


Your opinion is important to us. Please join us in our discussion questions concerning Chan Tha Gardens. The results of the questions will be posted after one month.

Question for Discussion: (Nov. 25, 2008)

CTG will soon be circulating it's first draft of rules for the Clubhouse. In this regard, what penalty should be applied to enforce these rules, by those few guests/homeowners who would choose not to follow them?

1. A fine

2. Suspension of privileges for remainder of visit for all members of household.

3.  One of the above or both depending on severity.

4. Other, please comment.

Please send all your comments and opinions to Too at About us/Contact us. We will post comments, but withhold names and house numbers.

Update Dec. 14, 2008: At this time, we have had no comments on our forum question. Maybe soon, we shall change the question.

In the meantime please submit your comments concerning the Club House rules. We will create a new page for the Club House Rules once they become formalized.

Club House Rules

Usage of the Clubhouse and it's property by CTG Homeowners, renters and guests is conditional that the rules are followed. If you do not wish to follow the rules this property is not for your usage, so do not use.

1. CTG Home owners shall be responsible for their guests and renters. This shall include unpaid services and mini mart bills, as well as any unacceptable actions.

2. After usage residents are expected to return the area to the same condition in which it was found. This means clearing cans and bottles from tables, returning chairs, toys, games and equipment to it's proper place. This ensures enjoyment for other homeowners.

3. Anyone using facilities must agree not to leave water or taps running, turn off Mini Mart lights after usage, turn off jacuzzi when finished. Further, they will also agree to take good care of all property which they use and will not do anything that shall be regarded as potentially damaging. This includes returning items such as balls, nets, racquets to the mini mart after usage from the park area so they will not become damaged from the weather.

4. No keys shall be left in the mini mart door. If found, keys will be seized.

5. Motorbikes and scooters shall be driven on the road not over lawn areas.

6. Shoes shall be removed when entering the terrace.

7. There shall be no tapping of pool sticks on the Clubhouse Floor. This chips our floor tiles and could cause damage to the pool sticks.

8. There shall be no running in the swimming pool area.

9. If others are waiting to use facilities, such as internet, exercise equipment etc. time usage is limited to one hour until those waiting have finished.

10. Children shall be supervised at all times in swimming pool area by parents or other adults (not our staff). There is no life guard on duty so this is imperative.

11. Children under 14 years of age shall only be permitted to use the mini mart, pool table and exercise equipment under adult supervision. This means adults are playing pool with children, or in the mini mart or fitness centre with them at all times. This does not mean supervision from our staff. This does not mean adults are on the Clubhouse Terrace while children are inside the mini mart.

12 CTG reserves the right to revise these rules, impose fines, or restrict usage at any time and upon any home owner or their guest should they see fit to protect their property and ensure the enjoyment of other homeowners.